Election Day Freebie

October 31, 2012

Here is an Election Day freebie!  This ABC Order sheet goes over some important vocabulary words just in time to get your students prepared for Tuesday's election.  Enjoy!

Election Day 2012

October 16, 2012

Updated for 2020:

With the second of three Presidential debates tonight as well as today marking only three weeks left until Election Day, I recently began to think about how to incorporate the election process and nominees into the classroom.  Since young kiddos usually don't really understand much of what is going on, I've created fluency readers and activities to not only teach my kiddos what an election is, but also what a President does, who the nominees are, and what it means to be a voter.  If you're familiar my with blog, you know how much I love to teach history/current events!

Writing at Home - Parent Handout

October 05, 2012

For the final installment in my parent handout series, I tackle Building Writing Skills at Home.  Included are two handouts - one maps out an overview of writing development in grades K-2, while the other lists ways parents can building writing skills at home.  As always, these are perfect to attach to a weekly newsletter or pass out at parent conferences!

Building A Reader At Home - Parent Handout

October 03, 2012

Here is the next installment in my parent handout sheets - Building A Reader At Home:

So many parents want to help their child become a better reader but they often want tips and ideas other than "read every night", "ask questions", etc.  In an effort to share reading tips with parents, I created this little handout that would be great to hand out at the beginning of the school year, parent nights, or parent conferences.  When meeting with parents, you might also want to highlight the areas you want parents to work on.

Building Math Skills at Home - Parent Handout

October 01, 2012

It's almost time for Parent Conferences/Parent Nights, and I always like to have valuable handouts for parents to take home on these ocasions.  It's so easy to suggest an idea or two to a parent in passing, but in my experience, parents appreciate having something tangible they can take home and place on their refrigerator.  It serves as a great reminder!  Over the next few days, I'll be sharing several subject-themed handouts and conference preparation materials that hopefully some of you other teachers can use as well! 
Today I am sharing a Building Math Skills at Home Parent Handout.  As we all know, it is so important for parents to practice math skills at home with their kids, and this handout shares some creative ways parents can make math fun, engaging, and effortless at home!

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