Measurement Unit

December 27, 2011

I have been working for the past few months on getting my beloved Measurement Unit together and posted on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook, and tonight I FINALLY finished it!
I began to create this unit several years ago and use it every year with, of course, new additions. I love teaching measurement because it is so hands-on and fun! My kids always love this unit.
Learning how to line up a ruler and measure

Reading Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy (love this book!)

Non-standard Units Scavenger Hunt

Exploring Length

 Review Game

This Second Grade Common Core Measurement Unit contains over 285 pages of step-by-step lesson plans, assessments, teacher and parent resources, activities, centers, daily checks, and more! Students will explore attributes, non-standard and standard units (Customary and Metric Measurement Systems), and more!

 Measuring Paths Center

Daily Measurement Review Checks

Common Core Objectives covered in this unit are: 2.MD.1., 2.MD.2., 2.MD.3., 2.MD.4., 2.MD.5., 2.MD.6., and 2.MD.9. (Please note Common Core Objectives 2.MD.7, 2.MD.8, and 2.MD.10 (time, money, and data) are not covered in this unit.)

Here is what is included:
*Unit Introduction
*Common Core Objectives Met
*Unit Overview
*2nd Grade Common Core Measurement Checklist for Teacher (keep track of student progress)
*Parent Information Letter (Overview of all unit objectives, suggestions for how parents can practice objectives at home)
*Vocabulary Word Cards
*Unit Pre-Test (fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice)
*Unit Post-Test (almost identical to pre-test)
*Introduction To Measurement Lesson Plan
*How Do We Use Measurement? Emergent Reader (also includes an easier reader)
*Measuring Attributes Lesson Plan, Station Activity, and Assessment Sheet
*Exploring Length Lesson Plan, Measuring Activity, and Assessment Sheet
*Measuring Penny Craft and Measurement Activity
*Measuring Penny Homework Assignment
*Non-Standard Units Scavenger Hunt Lesson Plan, Measuring Activity, and Assessment Sheet
*"Inching" Around The Room Non-Standard Units Activity (includes inchworm ruler and assessment sheet)
*Moving From Non-Standard To Standard Units Part One Lesson Plan, and Measuring Assessment Sheet
*Concrete Colored Unit Ruler (option for 10 blocks or 12 blocks - blocks are in increments of one inch)
*Concrete Colored Unit Ruler with Numbers (option for 10 blocks or 12 blocks - blocks are in increments of one inch)
*Moving From Non-Standard To Standard Units Part Two Lesson Plan - includes Line Plots Lesson and Activity
*Teaching Line Plots Suggestions
*Non-Exact Measurements Activity and Assessment Sheet
*Moving From Non-Standard To Standard Units Part Three Lesson Plan
*Measuring Hand and Foot Craft Activity
*Tips and Tricks For Memorizing Measurements
*Posters - Centimeter, Meter, Inch, Foot, Yard
*US Standard Units (Inches, Feet, Yards) Lesson Plan
*Measuring in Inches Cutting Activity
*Measuring Paths Lesson Plan (includes Measuring Paths Around The Room Activity and Recording Sheet)
*Measuring Paths Assessment Sheets
*Looking For Objects In The Classroom Recording Sheets (Yard, Inch, Foot, and Yard)
*Metric System - Centimeters and Meters Lesson Plan and Assessment Sheet
*Looking For Objects In The Classroom Recording Sheet (Centimeters and Meters)
*Student Mini Book of Measurements (cut and staple book of measurement unit posters)
*Measurement Me Emergent Reader (Body Measurements Activity)
*Measuring Objects with Two Units Lesson Plan and Class Activity
*Length Differences in Objects Lesson Plan and Assessment Sheet
*Height Differences in Animals Measuring Activity (students pretend to be zookeepers and compare animal heights) - also includes line plot component
*Choosing Tools and Units of Measurement Lesson Plan, Class Activity (includes recording sheets), and Assessment Sheet
*Estimating Lengths Assessment Sheet
*Solving Measurement Word Problems Lesson Plan, Class Posters, and Assessment Sheet
*Blank Number Line Templates
*Guess That Measurement! Review Game and Game Cards
*I Have, Who Has? Measurement Review Game
*Farmer's Marker Shopping Trip Center (Estimating Heights, Non-Exact Measurements, and Line Plots) and Recording Sheets
*Community Dash Center (Measuring Paths) and Recording Sheet
*A Camping Adventure Center (Solving Measurement Word Problems) and Recording Sheet
*The Unit Scoot Center (Choosing Measurement Units) - includes game board
*Art Company Mix-Up Center (Length Differences in Objects) and Recording Sheet
*Daily Measurement Check (includes 14 review sheets - each contain around seven problems and could be used for morning review or homework)
*Book Suggestions
*Web Site Suggestions
*Answer Sheets Are Included

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